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  • No 1 Q: What days are rentals available?
    A: We are currently available for rentals on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

  • No 2 Q: Is there a time limit on Rentals?
    A: Each rental will last 4 hours.

  • No 3 Q: Is The set-up time included in the rental?
    A: No, our staff will arrive early to set up and sanitize so that you and your guest can enjoy the full 4-hour rental.

  • No 4 Q: Do I have to pay at the time of booking?
    A: Yes. In order to secure your time slot, we require all equipment
    rentals to be paid in full. We also charge an additional $100 deposit at the time of the booking. The deposit will be for any damages that occurred to the equipment during the rental time.

  • No 5 Q: Is my deposit refundable?
    A: Yes. After the rental is over, our staff will thoroughly inspect all equipment to make sure everything is still intact and there is no damage. If everything looks good, we will return your deposit. We understand that normal wear and tear will happen, and you will not be charged for that.

  • No 6 Q: Will I have to sign a waiver?
    A: Yes, we require a safety wavier and Equipment Agreement form to be signed before all rentals began.

  • No 7 Q: What should I do to prepare my yard for the rental?
    A: For the best experience we kindly ask that the grass is cut, and the area is free of sticks and sharp objects. We also ask that there is a shaded area to protect the equipment from extreme heat. Lastly, we also require access to working outlets so that we can power equipment.

  • No 8 Q: What Happens if it rains on the day of my rental?
    A: We will gladly offer a Rain Check to reschedule, dates are subject to availability. We can also set up your rental inside if there is an adequate amount of safe space.

  • No 9 Q: What precautions are you taking during covid times?
    A: All of our equipment will arrive thoroughly sanitized and will be sanitizes after setting up and after the rental is over. We use high-quality products that are safe for Children and Adults. Our staff will also wear masks during the whole process.

  • No 10 Q: What If I need to change the date of my rental?
    A: Kindly give us a call or send an Email to discuss options.